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Classic with Babbel

Classical and/or light music every 3rd Monday of the month at 12KI-14KI
At the Hall of Kings

The Cavern in itself is a special experience, but with wondrous music, the underground world takes on an extra dimension!
Bach, Mozart, Beethoven: no doubt you know these famous composers by name. But the step to listen to their music can be a big one. Where to start if you want to take the plunge into symphonies?
Perhaps here we can explore together...?

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A journey of discovery through music classical or light classical it is all possible.
As a child I was touched by the amount of different kinds of music, maybe it would be fun to show some of that.... from my childhood...
Check every once in a while to see if anything is already there.... at least it's still in its infancy.
Improvement tips are welcome.

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Within 'Myst Online - Uru Live', you can send me a message or talk directly to me. I usually go by the name Babbeltje40 Or something like that.

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